Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Unsure?
We get it. That’s why we created Spectify—a safe, anonymous space
to get you feeling better immediately.

What is Spectify?

We’re an anonymous online journal to record your thoughts and concerns. Share them anonymously with others in our community. And take our frank personality assessment. It’s all designed to give you valuable insight and a fresh perspective.

Spectify has everything you need to tackle what life throws your way. And it’s free.

Don’t struggle alone. Together, we’ve got this.

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"It's not that I don't have close friends to talk to, but sometimes I need perspective from people who don't know me at all."
- Anonymous
4 Minute Personality Assessment Test.

Gain perspective. Take our 4 minute Personality Assessment Test.

This four minute quiz provides a report on how you rate in the five main personality traits and acts as a great starting point to discover more about yourself.

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Capture your thoughts

Studies show that writing in a diary or journal is good for our health. Benefits range from immediate stress relief to a deeper understanding of our feelings.

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Connect with others

Spectify allows you to write and coach completely anonymously. Choose to save your entries as drafts, or share a selection with your community.

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Join the converstaion

Meet like-minded individuals, enjoy learning about yourself, about your new network, and get guidance and support from your peers.